A friend of mine is a student at Notre Dame. She was out with friends at a restaurant in South Bend, when this happened:

This photo was taken tonight at Nick’s Patio in South Bend, IN. These clever gentlemen thought it was super funny to talk about how much they would like to “violently rape that bitch,” “take it from that cunt,” and “beat the shit out of her.” They mentioned being puzzled about why “whores should even get paid” for the privilege of having their small penises inside them. They also thought it was super awesome to call me a “fucking whore” when I asked them to stop yelling ugly misogynistic things across the restaurant.

Sadly the manager asked me to leave after I began taking photos of these men. I explained to the manager that the group had been talking about beating up women, raping women, and were using extraordinarily offensive sexist language including bitch, cunt, slut, etc., but the manager simply told me to “return to my seat.” I declined to do so and left, while the men continued to shout “whore” at me (and at least one threatened to rape me as well).

To sum it up, a group of douchebags decided to create a hostile environment for no fucking reason. My friend was brave enough to stand up for herself and other people in the restaurant, but when she decided to do something about it, THE MANAGER ASKED HER TO LEAVE. Chances are these kids are Notre Dame students, and their actions likely violated the school’s behavioral code.

Here’s the information for the restaurant. Let them know that pandering to lowlifes is totally unacceptable. If there are groups or organizations that keep track of places that fuck up like this, let them know.

Nick’s Patio
1710 North Ironwood Dr.
South Bend, IN 46635 
Tel: 574-277-7400

Please help to spread the word.

This is in my home state…I’ll be happily telling any/everyone I know in that area to never support this business again.

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    FUCKING Fucks think that shit is funny!!!!!!! I really want to reach through the and first strangle the losers! Then...
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    I had a guy from the same school call me whore, just because IU and Notre Dame have some sort of rivalry.
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    This is awful.
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